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Caple Communications, LLC is a family-owned company founded in 1986. A multi-faceted company with proven experience in printing, multimedia publishing, distribution and technology development. Caple Communications specializes in multimedia platforms, digital and print, including full-color Real Estate and automotive listing magazines and fully integrated digital websites including Mobile search engines complete with Interactive Text Request functionality and more.

Caple Communications has been a publisher of Real Estate advertising since 1986. As early adapters of new advertising media, Caple Communications has been a leader in integrating new technology such as ADapproval, a premier multimedia advertising management technology that combines the power of print and digital advertising. ADapproval is proven to better integrate digital advertising media with traditional print media and is in use by Real Estate and Automotive professionals throughout the country. ADapproval provides a multimedia suite that includes a print magazine, Internet Search, Mobile-enabled smartphone capability, Interactive Text Request, data distribution and results that are tracked, monitored and proven.

Our ADapproval’s multimedia suite is proven to provide Automotive Dealers with the improved capability to:

  • Win more business and sell more vehicles
  • Reduce their overall advertising expense
  • Compete more effectively
  • Strengthen their Mobile, Print, and Internet Advertising
  • Extend the reach of their advertising dollars
  • Appeal to a greater number of buyers

The multimedia advertising suite seamlessly integrates mobile search, mobile messaging and website search, with our printed magazines providing dealers with more qualified leads and an overall reduction of their advertising expense, while giving consumers access to detailed listing information on the internet, on their smartphones and directly from the print publication.


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